When I'm not busy trading or teaching, I'm having fun playing classic jazz... you know, Real music :) .. this page is a tribute to the greats, like John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Sonny Stitt, Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Dizzy Gillespie, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and so many others. May their beat go on...

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Educational tips: Look for how the timing and note duration in the videos can apply to other interests in your life (like golfing, stock trading, or other pattern-based activities). Timing applies for starting/ending.

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July 11th, 2016 Update: We're up to over 179 comments from all of you; Thanks! - Ken

"Hey Ken, love your jamming. Really cool and relaxing...Makes me forget about all my problems. Tkanks for wonderful break..." - Mariusz K.

"Very Well Done, Ken. Nailed Another One." - Damon K.

"It is relaxing and Wow to see you playing Jazz. Being past 20 year resident of New Orleans and love Jazz music, I can tell you play like professional and may jam with some well-known musician. I like the video of course Pink Panther is my favorite movies and theme. Thanks and keep on jamming with Jazz and trading improves with relaxed mind." - Mukesh C.

"Yes, definitely gives a lift when things are not going great." - Al M.

"Thank you for this music movie... i like this sound very much" - Graziano C.

"Hi Ken, when you are tired of trading, you can always play in a Band. Cool. Las Vegas is waiting for you..." - Hilde T.

"Nice job Ken. Jazz is king in my world and you inspired me to try some when I trade. Thanks again." - Robert M.

"Ken you have outdone yourself" - Ron C.

"This is superb. never imagined a serious trader like you has such great performance. I'll practice it when trading.. may be it's the secret!" - Ibrahim F

"Ken .. very cool look with the shades. I enjoyed your playing. I would have liked to hear you play it as an instrumental...Going back to listening to your others." - Rick T.

"Nice change of pace and a time to relax! Sounding good! Great post." - Peter P.

"Really enjoyed the Birdland video; great job on the sax. Thanks Ken." - Giles C

"Nice smooth tunes, very relaxing!!!!." - Andrew T

"Very Cool! You're the man!!" - Doug S.

"Really "COOL". Love it!" - Perry S

"Enjoyed your sax playing very much, Ken. Keep playing the great stuff that has stood the test of time." - Bob L.

"Great to have balance in one's life but I don't know where you find time...running a myriad of websites, live sessions, courses, etc. Wishing you continued success" - Vilis M.

"Thanks Ken. Masters, to maintain their edge, must often loose themselves. Art is the only acceptable escape; you choose wisely, as always in Jazz, so emotional and intellectually invigorating. Best Regards" - Luis R

"Well done Ken. You make it look so easy...but I am sure it is not. Thank you!...Thank you Ken. Many hours of practice to achieve these results...not unlike successful trading! Happy Holidays" - Audra S.

"Lisa Simpson move over Ken is the new Jazz king!" - Marc F.

"Sounds Great, man!..." - Barry S.

"Nice music, nice song, nice musician, Merry Christmas." - Jim G.

"Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas! Great video!" - Lisa L.

"Winter Wonderland - This is your best video yet! Both this and Pink Panther demonstrate the result of years of training and practice. Confidence and expertise in jazz - Confidence and expertise in trading - Think Ken Calhoun. Great job, Ken!" - Ken S.

"Ken, You are one talented man. Congrats. I love the roaring fire behind you in your black leather jacket. Classy. Best regards" - Joe C.

"...I just started last week nailing down the bass for this... well done man... Keep huffin n puffin ! and I'll see ya in the Future(s)" - Bob Z.

"Awesome! Jazz the soothing music!" - Daphne S.


I love Pink Panther sound Track. Well done like visiting Paris, France !!!
Good Job Ken for that Jazz Theme." - Mukesh C.


"AWESOME. I like how you have related music and trading." - Damon K.

"great great performance Ken" - Mark F.

"ken cal-coooool!" - Tom N.

"What a great idea- Iam a lover of all you mentioned -having seen most of them live. I am fascinated can't wait for the webinar" - Fay

After my wife started demo trading in November, I started demo trading in January. I bought a (...) CD set and started listening with head phones while trading. Now whenever I play that music it reminds me of making a profit, success in trading, profit releases, what I call the 'Blue Profit ZONE'!

"great idea to link the rhythm of the markets with the rhythm of music" - Mark F.

"Great video, the background used was really cool" Tim V.

"Ken really rocks the Sax!" - Jeff E.

"Absolutely-Its fun and relaxing to play a couple of days a week. Continue with Guitar/Piano" - Ron C.

"Nicely done. Henry Mancini would be proud." - Larry D.

"Really cool, like it!" - Frank Y.

"wow I knew you were a forex chart topper now your a music chart topper as well!" - Jag P.

"great balance_trading and music playing" - Lou C.

"you are just like the blues brothers!" - Wynn S.

"I am also a musician. Play guitar professionally. Folk Acoustic. I liked your style. Whey Kool!..." -Rob B.

"thanks for the great teaching Ken" - David F.

"Ken its brilliant, lovin the way you play." - Kathy M.

Thank you, Kathy... I'm lovin all the nice comments from you and everyone here; thanks! - Ken

"Very cool!" - Rita R.

"Music and money ... the breath of life. Ken can help with both..." - Stephen C.

"music and stocks together, what could be better?" - Ken R.

"love listening to you play." - Kelvin D.

"Known KEN for about 3 and half years ,great pattern recognition skills . Especially amazed with his picks for break out swing trades . Eager to see how he blends JAZZ in to trading!!!!" -Padma U.

"When it comes to trading, Ken is the cream of the crop - Informed, educational, wise, and a great mentor. Try any of his courses and see for yourself. I did! The premise of you playing tenor sax, and applying music to stocks is, I think, a good idea that has seemingly not been attempted before. It takes 'guts' to pioneer into an area that has been previously untouched. Good job there! Keep up the creative thinking!" - Kenneth S.

"trading patterns moving like music patterns sound interesting. dont know much music so looking forward to it" Peter Y.

"I love what you do. Thanks for sharing your...music with me.." Turhan S.

"Very COOL, Ken. Great talent. As an aspiring golfer, I have come to realize timing, rhythm are an important component to a successful outcome. Looking forward to learning more from your trading acumen and truly enjoy the music. Trust we will be able to enjoy more clips." - Doug S.

Well said, Doug... timing is key; most traders enter positions too early & exit too late. - Ken

"Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the webinar." - Liz P.

"enjoy our very own "renaissance man"..."-Bob P.

"Great musically talented successful trader." - Srinath G.

"Play it again Ken" You are a natural and a happy guy, Loved it." - Sharad K.

"I have been a classical pianist since childhood and know that timing is absolutely essential in music as well as trading to get the most benefit from each. I look forward to your presentation." - Mura M.

"I especially enjoyed you Pink Panther performance. I find music relaxes and would like very much to be relaxed in my trading" - Mike S.

"Hello Ken, Thanks for the tunes, number one in the music charts. Around the world in one day, thank goodness for the green screen. Looking forward to your worldwide views and analysis of the FX charts. I'll be there for your webinar to gain knowledge and all that jazz. Thanks" Peter S.

Right about green screen, it's fun to make the videos more exciting for everyone. - Ken

"Jazz definitely mixes well with trading" - Gene T.

"Any webinar Ken has about trading is something valuable to be listened to." - Joel A.

"There is a flow and ebb to the markets like music and life. Seeing a bigger picture can only help our perception of the markets." - Sheldon B.

"I love it" - Ruby A.

"you truly are a man of many talents !!" - Adrian R.

"Really enjoyed the Pink Panther jazz video. Put on some good music and make some great trades!" - Jean J.

"some people are just so good on what they do naturally. I'm so anxious to see trading relates to musical notes." - Tou K.

"I've watched several of your webinars and know that you are an excellent trader but I didn't realize you're a musician, too. Looking forward to hearing you!" - Carl P.

Thanks for the kind words, Carl...I appreciate it...music & trading are both exciting. - Ken

"... there is always room for improvement in music and trading :)" - Leszek J.

"nice playing Ken .my fav pink panther tune" - Dev P.

"I am actually impressed and the older I get, the harder it is to do that! :-)" -Steve A.

"very cool. well done!" - Lars H.

"Ken, you should be touring with the Stones this summer!" - Alan P

Lol Alan...in my dreams... big Stones fan, I like to play 'Satisfaction' on guitar...they rock. - Ken

"Happy 4th of July, Ken! Thank you for the video and your playing the "Pink Panther" theme. Very nice! Plus loved all the Paris, London, and other views down the city streets! Hope you'll do more of these to share with us." - JaniceLynn J.

thanks, Janice, you too, Happy 4th....good to hear you like it, will do w/more.  - Ken

"OK ... you got me smiling. :) I like your get up and you nailed that tune!" - Marsha S.

"Happy 4th Ken, enjoyed your video, sounded real good!!!" - Phil F.

"That was great. You're showing your professionalism" Roger B

My family and I really enjoyed your Pink Panther performance, and I'm sure both the Pink Panther and Chief Inspector Clouseau would be proud. Good job Ken, very entertaining." James D.

"Not bad." - Joe J.

"Ken you are too cool and oh so talented. I think you missed your calling. I think you are an over achiever and give nothing but the best. Thank you for sharing and for being a NO BS kind of guy." - Ramona

Thank you, Ramona, I appreciate it. Being a straight-shooter, authentic, is important.. - Ken

"Great Job, Ken. You nailed that one. It was well put together. Keep on, Keeping On. " - Damon K

Smoooth ...Very well done Ken :)" - Mike S.

"Enjoyed -- Glad your having fun" - Phyllis S-W

"Concentration to listen as concentration on watching a stock chart would make both more enjoyable. Especially if you know what to listen for or see." - Paul L.

"Combining trading and music is great - like to see more!" Ruzena K.

"Fun to watch" - Robert P.

"WOW Ken, just wow" - Kathy M.

"...never thought of associating music with trading." Tony C.

"...You sounded Professional, must be all of your hard work. When do you find the time to sleep?" Bob G.

hard work but fun...thanks, Bob! - Ken

"Interesting music. How should a beginner trader set his daily profit and loss? Thanks." - Laura C.

"Good playing! You are always original and inventive in what you do." - Judith W.

"This is so cool. I am a keyboardist/bassist. But never thought of linking trading to music. I will be all ears." Noel L.

"It is soothing and does not require the concentration that listening to a trading chat room or webinar does while doing actual trades. PS: I enjoy your Saturday 20 minute presentation. Right on the money!" - Jack S.

"Always interesting!" - Perry S.

"Murphy always did like intermarket anaylsis, this takes it to a whole new level." - Ted J.

"Cool music. How long does it take to be able to play like that?..." - Deanna D.

"Good to see that there is a life beyond trading!" - a.

"SUCCESS!!!" - Les F

"Very Cool Ken. Really like the Tequila Sax video, good job. Never really thought about the correlation between music and trading before but once you bring it up it make really good sense.

In both, when any components are not right you can wind u with terrible trading as well as terrible music. But, when everything is lined up and flowing smoothly you can have great trading and great music." - Terry O.

You're on target, Terry...I like your point about things lining up and flowing smoothly.   - Ken

"I enjoyed your music video, I just love Jazz! Looking forward to learning better timing for trade entries and exits." - Stan D.

"I'm a keyboard player so i'm really interested in seeing this webinar. what a unique way to present this topic. thanks Ken!" - Paul A.

"Classic song I grew up with. Great job on it Ken! Ok I'd like to learn about the musical timing linkage with trading timing. Day trading requires exquisite entry and exit timing and I am continually working on it. I want to get more consistency in my day trading." - Stan Z.

"Pretty cool" - Diane V

"Timing in trading is the same as timing in music - both are critical to a successful outcome!" - Jake B.

"Looking forward to learning" - Tom S.

"Thankfully, I trade so much better than play an instrument, thanks to you!!!" - Phil F.

"Awesome!" - Karl M.

i am not sure how trading & music is related, but i am willing to learn in your webinar" Wendy E.

"Hi Ken Love your music. Makes one feel more relaxed. The more you play the better you get just like trading. Thanks" Lillian L.

"I love smooth jazz. I haven't attended any of the trading jazz workshops, since I just learned about them." Steve B.

"Considering your trading style I was expecting a really fast tempo jazz number. But then again, Ken C is known for doing some unexpected things -- while always being "in tune" with the market." Ted R.

well said, Ted... much appreciated. I started playing fast bebop decades ago, I've slowed down the pace a bit since then....   - Ken

" what is the connection between the two?" - Sara L.

"Love music it helps to open the mind, great." - Rita R.

"Playing saxophone in harmony with the music is like trading in coherence with the trend." - Chris H.

"I love listening to music while trading, it helps you concentrate. There are sometimes rhythms that rhyme with patterns, strange but true :)" - Arseny K

"terrific contrast between you abd background." - Rober P.

"it all fits and when it fits good it works good." - ds

"You still have it, Ken! What a talented musician. Any objective studies on the best music to listen while trading? I suspect Classical. " Joe C.

hi Joe...actually I never listen to music while trading...more about the approach of timing & patterns to capitalize on when trading....   - Ken

"Trading and Music Great Idea. Go with the rhythm of the market...Playing like a boss .... boom" - John L.

"Timing is so important in music as well as in trading. Looking forward to the webinar. By the way, the sunglasses are really cool! Enjoyed the video!" Timothy D.

"Multi-talented! Thanks for sharing!" - Al M.

"Love music and would like to correlate it with trading " - Jan B.

"No rushing it. Space in between." - Sue A.

"The markets are just like music dynamic and organic. It's a perfect comparison. Also they are both an art. Skill is not enough you need to be an artist to be a master trader or musician. " - Michael Z.

"Hi Ken, your comment on the half note was great doday: I like my stocks and the dividend. but with the chances ...sell the half note, dont ride the horse to death. I did it yesterday and I feel good about it. thanks. good advice. " - Hilde T.

"The best thing I like about this video is Ken is looking COOL !!! like a pro." - Kris T

' You have the talent, Ken. If you practice the sax like you do with the markets, I'll fly to see you play!!" - Dan

"Jazz players make good traders because the timing is critical as in trading but the passing the baton is relaxed and not done in a panic as should be the same entering and exiting trades." Andrew S.

"I could see how music works with trading. Just by adding percussion that is in sync with each candlestick tick gets me excited. I have SiriusXM Chill Channel playing in the background when I day trade."- James W.

"Music and timing. Trades need to be slower to enter and faster to exit." - Phillp B

"You are one Cool jazz man. Personally I prefer Jimmy Buffett but.. So I would like to listen to Jimmy in the back ground while I trade as I find it relaxing, although it can be a distraction as well, It will be good to hear your thoughts. Thanks for all you do Ken." - Mike S.

"Use Jazz music to charm the market indices like 'Snake Charmer'. You look professional Jazz Musician like (...) of New Orleans and may able to Play at his Club in French Quarter." - Mukesh C.

"Try and keep in tune with the market. As I can only trade long in Australia if the market is happy and trending up I take interest...if the market is unhappy and falling I stay away" - Bernard S.

"Good job, Ken. Love the Las Vegas background. I have been playing the piano since childhood. Music and Trading have a lot in common. Comparing music to trading: Practice perfectly until you get the results you want ! (no short cuts to hard work and determination)" - Mura M.

"Since I started following your work I have made great gains in my trading.
Never was good musically, did sing in the choir, never played an instrument. Watching your music videos, and hearing you speak about music and trading, I have made a decision to get back to practicing on the keyboard, all thanks to you." - Phil F.

"Just like what you teach; it gets better every time. I enjoy your vast knowledge and your wit. And your a Hell of a Sax Player. Thank You for that....Great. Now you're loosening up, working it and having FUN. Good Work. Looking forward to some more takes." - Damon K.

"Jazz and Trading...to the letter G (Great!). I always trade with music playing, filtering out the rest of life's noises. Helps me focus! What a jazzy trader you are, Ken! Creative video!" Debbie N

"Hi Ken, I thought your sax playing was great, I'm 70yo and the 50's and 60's had alot of popular songs with sax players. I learned to play accordian at early age and switched to guitar at 15yo. Played in several bands, and can honestly say music has been my greated enjoyments of my life. Thanks Ken" - Dave M

"Loved your select background...is trading a gamble?" Robert P.

"I like the relaxing flow of music while trading. The escape mentally while waiting for price to reach entry/exit points. I believe music flows like markets. Like the relaxing on a beach watching the waves." - Mike S

"Interested in seeing your music/trading correlation" -DT

"I'm a fervent believer in "harmonic" trading. Trade to the rhythm of the beat." Don M

"I find music to be soothing, and it helps me to concentrate on what I'm doing--
"at the moment of profits, what's your selection for that particular moment?" - Juan S.

"Thanks Ken - you are a very interesting person. Thank you for your help." - Calvin S.

"Love the "Blooper Real" - and yes, we all make these mistakes in trading! But you do not! You are "in sync w/market"! Thanks for all you do for us!" - Ruzena K.

glad to be of help, Ruzena....bloopers, wrong notes in music are like stops in trading, the key is to get back in the saddle and keep trying!   - Ken

"Keep up the good work and continue learning..." - Ahmedz

"Music is among the most powerful tools to regain focus and good feelings... a great "centering" tool. Nice!" - Paul R

"background very nice, nice playing, video moving all over place..." - Vlad S.

"...one of the most important things that I learned from yourself is which charts are worth trading in the first place. If the chart is all over the place with no particular pattern, it does not make for successful trading, which makes me think about your idea of comparing music to trading.." - Edwin P.

exactly, Edwin...figuring out what charts are worth trading is half the battle; similarly looking for phrases, timing in music, to apply to entries & exits can really help in trading   - Ken

"Timing. Timing is everything in trading and in jazz. If your timing is off in trading, you lose $, if it is off in music, the "song" will lose its melody/flow." - Linda H

"Calm, smooth and in the flow....that's how we should trade!" - John C

"Makes me want to plop down in a comfortable chair, turn on the TV and watch an old black and white detective movie." _ Jack B.

"I liked the "tasty" way you don't overplay!" - Wade P.

"Let the music take you high or let you down low...it's the outliers that can make you a pro....take it away maestro !!!" - James B.

"The shades dovetail nicely with the sax mystique. Have always been musical and am interested how this natural ability can translate to better trading." - Theodora A.

Good to hear it, Theodora, looking for links between music + trading timing can help   - Ken

"Music & trading are both performance oriented tasks- one can help the other I believe..Trading and Jazz are both performance acts- synergistic.." - Harold H.

"I was thinking once about learning to play sax. - Marek C.

" Cool look and great music, play Ken play." - James D.

"Well done with the back drop with cuts of downtown las vegas. Nice sax playing, the glasses definitely add that cultural look of cool." -Carrie G

"As in your instructional presentations, you take the process very seriously, but always make it a fun experience. As a musician, I'm attuned to timing. Learning from your knowledge and experience, I'm intent on developing a successful trading rhythm." -DC

right, DC... the timing, rhythm of both trading and (good) music work together   - Ken

"The music - old school for me" - Bob G.

"Very classy and imaginative. Very cool........ I, myself, trade to the oldies but goodies and sometimes classical music depending on my mood. But I do think music, trading and poker go together." - Sharon K.

"pin pointing timing or entry and exits" - Gopalan D.

"Think music and trading is great too. I tend to get overly anxious when I trade and listen to market news." Greg A

"Practice makes perfect!" - Joe B

"It is a well know fact that people that excel at music are much better at mathematics and science. I have played percussion (drums) and Piano since I was 10 years old. " Bill H

"Reminds me of the quote by the late great B.B. King "Jazz is the big brother of the blues.

"If a guy's playing blues like we play, he's in high school. When he starts playing jazz it's like going on to college, to a school of higher learning." - Paul K

"Keep up the good work. I heard you were learning a new instrument..." - Frenchie B

"I like your concept of looking at a chart as if it were musical sheet music, and how that relates to the strength of a move. Brilliant!" - Barry S.

hi Barry, thanks....the two are related, right re parallels w/strength of move, good point   - Ken

"Very nice.... I love it.. Thanks for talking to me.. I got one of your first Traders University pkgs about ten years ago.. Keep in touch." - Turhan S.

"Much cooler with the shades. " - Don B

"Great rendition of some of the great tunes. Music in general, can create a calmer atmosphere more conducive for trading." - Larry D.

"What I like best about the video--E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G !!!!
I played trumpet for 9 years--R & B, Jazz etc and although I love the trumpet, if I had to choose an instrument again, i would definitely choose the Tenor Sax! Great Job Ken--keep on Belting Out the Cool Sounds! " - Marvino H

"Mastering playing an instrument is like learning how to use an edge.
The more you practice it the better you become with using it.

"Practicing the notes and the timing of hitting the keys and evaluating the sounds that are made and their synergy just like mastering the entries and exists of a trade. " - Rabee S.

agree, Rabee....practice & timing is what it's all about, for success in both!   - Ken

Oops!    BLOOPER REEL #1 (because you can't take yourself too seriously):

"Love the background....very cool look." - Mark T

"where's the best place to put stops for max gains?" - Wyn S

"Ken,...you look cool with the shades..." - Joe

"Cool video and hey, Ken wears his sunglasses at night, so he can, so he can, watch the charts as the prices tick up and down." - Lisa L

epic fun post, Lisa...thanks! here's to 80's pop, too